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Port Industrial Property

Currently, property is available for sale and lease at the Port’s Twin Port Road fabrication and load out facility and adjacent administrative and fabrication buildings and property owned by others. The property is located in Iberia Parish on the east side of the Delcambre Canal.

The Port was approached by a prospective buyer, identified here as Premier, with the intention of purchasing the property that is for sale and leasing the Port’s remaining portion of the fabrication site. Premier would employ 50 jobs at the site.

The immediate concerns for Premier is the risk of flooding, storm surge, siltation in slip areas, and bank erosion. The property is located in a VE zone, the highest flood risk. After much discussion, Premier has concluded that to improve resiliency and sustainability at the site, the construction of an elevated pad and building for safe housing of equipment and supplies would create the best beneficial use of the flood prone property while maintaining 50 jobs with potential for creating more local jobs in the future.