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Boat Launch and Facilities Now Open!

The Twin Parish Port Commission announced on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 that the long-awaited opening of the Bayou Carlin Cove has finally come!

The boat launch itself has 4 bays, with 2 bays on either side of a floating deck, allowing for 4 boats total to launch.  This is quite a welcome change from the original one bay boat launch which would easily become congested with frustrated boaters anxious to get on the water.  In addition to the new boat launch, there is now a fishing and observation pier, three slips for shrimp boats to dock and sell shrimp directly to the public, and a newly constructed Pavilion to be utilized for events such as the Delcambre Seafood & Farmers Market. 

Fees will be assessed for use of the boat launch and facilities at a Day Rate, constituting a full 24 hours:

$5 Launching Fee

$2 Fishing Pier Fee

$2 Pavilion Parking Fee (for regular vehicles)

An Annual Pass is available for each calendar year.

For convenience, there is an Electronic Pay Station on site whereby patrons can utilize either cash or a credit card, and the machine will then print out a receipt to be displayed on the front dash of your vehicle.  

The Glen Lege Construction Company began this project back in August of 2013 and after minor delays was completed a year later, August, 2014.  Now that construction is complete, future plans to make the launch facility even bigger and better are in the works and will include amenities such as:  fish-cleaning tables, boat rinse station, an ice machine, bait shop, RV Parking, dry stack storage, restrooms, paved parking for the pavilion, and limestone parking for vehicle boat trailers. The pavilion will also have accessibility for the disabled.  Even more exciting will be an additional 2 bays allowing for 4 more boats to launch.  

As a community in desperate need of this new boat launch facility), we must recognize and thank those who have financially contributed to its amazing success.  Without these monies, the new Delcambre Boat Launch wouldn’t have become a reality.

The $4M project has been fully funded by several sources.  The largest contributor was a federal grant from the Fisheries Infrastruture program, which was designed to help restore and replace the fisheries infrastructure, both recreational and commercial, along the coast after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the coastline and the economy in 2005.  From this, the Fisheries Infrastructure donated close to $2.4M to Delcambre for this project.  Also, during this time, the Iberia Parish Council was receiving what’s called Long Term Recovery Funds, which were also federal funds.  From the funds they received, $600K was dedicated to this project. Further, another supplemental program to the Fisheries Infrastructure program, was a program called the Coastal Fisheries Recovery Fund.  This fund contributed monies to Iberia Parish, who in turn designated to the Delcambre project an additional $400K, for a total contribution from the Iberia Parish Council in the amount of $1M.  Let us also recognize our own Twin Parish Port District who contributed $600K to the project.  Thank you.

The community would like to thank all who had a hand in making this a memorable day in the community.  An open invitation is issued to all to come on back to the Delcambre Boat Launch on Saturday, September 6 at 11:00 a.m. where there will be a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrating the Grand Opening and officially dedicating the new Delcambre Boat Launch facility, including the new Pavilion.  Immediately following is the opening of the Delcambre Seafood & Farmers Market, which, if you haven’t already heard, was recently ranked 59th best Farmers Market in the Nation!  Music by Cajun French acoustic artists, The Melancon, Thibodeaux and Bellard Trio will be there to start things off and give you a reason to dance!

For more information about the new boat launch facilities or the Seafood and Farmers Market, please contact the Port Community Relations Director at (800) 884-6120 Ext. 7.