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LSU AgCenter helping Delcambre Shrimpers to Market Their Product

DelcambreDirectSeafood.com was recently featured on a KATC news segment. Tommy Hymel, with the LSU Agriculture Center, spoke of a new online marketing project where shrimpers are taught how to utilize online tools as a way for Delcambre shrimpers to market their products on the web and broaden their consumer base.  The marketing initiative was created as a way to help coastal fisherman and boost the shrimping industry after the oil spill disaster in 2010. Hymel says the project has been very successful.  So much so, in fact, that LSU is broadening the project to other areas of Louisiana as well. 

In Delcambre, the shrimping industry feeds the area economy. So with the help of this new project, shrimpers are now able to increase the sales of their product by uploading information about their days catch directly onto the Delcambre Direct Seafood website. They can then post what product they have, how much of it, along with their contact information, and local consumers are then able to purchase local, wild caught seafood directly from the fisherman at designated locations or straight from the boats. The program and the sale of the product has expanded and now grown to a local brand, according to Wendell Verret, Delcambre’s Port Director.  “We continue to push that idea of local wild caught seafood”, says Verret. Shrimpers say the website has helped to revitalize the shrimpers catch.  Cheryl Granger, a local fisherman who along with her husband have been shrimping for over 30 years, says the site “insures you to get it fresh. It’s not sitting here for days. It’s here and it’s gone.”

For a listing of the 20 fisherman who are participating in the project, or to find out what fresh catch is available online for purchase, visit DelcambreDirectSeafood.com.