The Twin Parish Port District (“the Port”) is the governing authority administering the Port of Delcambre. Together with the Town of Delcambre, the Town of Erath, and many other partners, the Port is implementing a vision for Port’s future, a vision that seeks to revitalize the seafood industry devastated by two hurricanes, redevelop the Delcambre waterfront, expand its industrial park, and build a retail development in Erath.

Ongoing Port Projects and Revitalization Efforts for Commercial and Recreational Fishermen. Presently the Port is proceeding with the first phase of several projects being funded through various sources. Future projects and works are planned as part of an overall effort to stimulate economic development.

Port industrial facilities and layout. The Port regulates and maintains two public docks for parking of recreational and commercial vessels. The Port also owns 25 acres south of Delcambre on the Delcambre Canal and is the site of its industrial facilities.